Tuesday, November 9, 2010

11 Months

The terrors  princesses are 11 months old now! How exciting!

One thing I can say about this month is their personalities are REALLY coming out and its scaring the daylights out of me!

Now, I am going to preface this by saying I love both of my girls to death. Equally. But one is a terror most of the time and the other a terror some of the time, just because I put this out in the open doesn't mean I don't love them both to pieces!

Okay lets start with my Holy Terror (insert scary music here) FINLEY!


I say that about 100 times a day looking at you. You are such a strong headed, stubborn, tough little girl. TOUGH! The word Drama Queen also comes to mind when thinking of you! Oh yeah and mean biting girl.

You have to get your way or everyone better look out. Goodness forbid I try to close the bathroom door before you can get into it. SCREAM, THROW YOURSELF ON THE FLOOR, FREAK OUT!!! Yep, that's my girl! Wonder where you get this attitude from? Hm........

But I have to say you are hysterical. You have the cutest, most devious smile on the planet, you laugh like a crazy girl when you get going too. Sometimes just laughing and screeching all over the house! It is so funny to watch you!

Then there is Gillian.......my half a terror.

Gillian is my cuddle bunny. She comes up just to cuddle and jumps in my lap and hugs me. Very sweet. Unless Finley and her are fighting over something (usually a toy or their princess chair) and then the drama queen comes out and hell breaks lose!

Some other things I have noticed about my Bean this month is how smart she is! She loves to take the ball from the Jungle toy they have and put them in the holes and make them go down the chute. She loves to figure out how things fit into things and how they work. Finn has no interest in any of this yet. She would rather pick up the ball and chuck it across the room.

So besides the girls being Drama Queens everything else is going amazing! They both love dancing to any music, we took them to the MY GYM this past Saturday and they had a blast, Finn's helmet is going good although I am sure she will have to wear it until at least New Years and they are both growing like weeds!

They both wave bye bye now too which is adorable but they do it so differnetly! Finn does this huge crazy hand/arm shake/wave thing and Gillian does this little bitty hand only wave. Gillian waves anytime anyone goes near the door too which I think is so funny. She just loves to do bye bye!

Gillian learned "up" and when she wants to be picked up she puts her arms up. Cute for now....maybe not later when that's all she does!

They both love to do peak a boo too and neither one of them are saying anything besides mama, dada and baba......

AND Their birthday is coming up in a few weeks and I am freaking out about that too. Just too much to think about. My babies are turning 1~ Its crazy.

Okay that's all for now, I'm going to try to take their 11 month pics tomorrow. Should be interesting!
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