Monday, April 5, 2010


So Easter was great. The girls started off pretty cranky for me. I was nervous, we were invited over to Tommy and Kari's for dinner and I expected a disaster but once we got there everyone flocked to the babies and whisked them away and I was left with peace and a glass of wine! Good times! So I tried to take some pics before we left the house but neither of the girls cared to cooperate but thankfully (and I mean thankfully) Trish snapped lots of cute pics of the girls and saved the day. They looked SO cute too. I just kept looking at them thinking how adorable they were all night long!

So here are some pics of the day. Finley and Gillian LOVED Trish and Chantelle too (which you can easily tell by the way Finley is grinning from ear to ear over Trish)!! It looks like she may have a new favorite cousin Stacey! Look out!


StaCey said...

Oh! No you did not say that.
The competition is ON.

The D-G's said...

Bring it! Lol. Thank you for the kind words, Erin! Glad we could finally meet the girls. They were a piece of cake to photograph... they're so cute! I'll have to show you the trick to a speedy diaper change one day! :) Oxo

Heather said...

These pics are awesome! Gosh, they are just so cute! Glad you had such a happy Easter. I just wish they had wine at our Easter dinner.

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