Monday, April 12, 2010

Sleep Walking Daddy.

I have never in my life laughed so hard. Gary is notorious for doing strange things when he has to get up to get a bottle for them ie forgetting to put formula in and trying to feed them straight water but last night took the cake!

It was 2:00 in the morning and Gillian got up fussing. I nudged Gary to go get her and a bottle for me, he got up and went staggering into her room and got her and brought her to me and left to get a bottle.

After about at least 7 minutes of him being gone I just couldn't figure out what in goodness name was taking him so long? I could hear him in the kitchen but couldn't figure out what he was doing? It didn't sound like he was making a bottle that's for sure....

So I said to Gillian fairly loudly "Geez Bean I could have made you a 16 egg omelet in the time its taking Daddy to get you your bottle" and then I heard Gary say "What"?......."OH MAN".....and then I heard the water turn on and about a minute later he came in with a bottle laughing.

I asked him what took so long and he couldn't stop laughing long enough to tell me. Finally he tells me he had a "another sleep walking episode" and instead of grabbing a bottle to fill with formula he opened the dishwasher, pulled out a dishwasher basket with nipples and the bottom disks to our VentAire bottles and proceeded to fill all 10 nipples with the girls oatmeal cereal? Then after he managed to do that he decided to put down all the disks and sprinkled oatmeal all over those too on the counter.

When he heard me talking I guess it woke him up. He was so confussed it was hysterical. So he was cleaning up nipples and bases and tons of oatmeal at 2:00 in the morning while I was laughing so hard I was crying and literally peeing my pants.

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Quadmama said...

My husband sleep walks, too. He's never had anything as funny as that happen, but his antics have made for some funny "morning after" conversations.

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