Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shoot me....Bang! Bang!

Just a quick my life is hell post! I have two (not one but two) sick babies today. They both got whatever Gary and I had apparently because they both are stuffy and sneezy and just not feeling good. Blah.

Secondly I have a dog in heat. She bleeds everywhere. We got diapers for her and she has been wearing them for the past couple of days so while that is great because I am not going around cleaning drips of random blood up off my tile and my hardwoods(thank goodness we only have tile and hardwoods) I have to put a diaper on a goldendoodle. She's technically not my dog so there has been some debate over getting her fixed but the debate is over. She's being fixed. Sorry Mom and Dad. She's too dumb to have puppies anyway.

Thirdly, I went to go put Finn down in her crib and it was COVERED in cat hair. Damn freaking cat. I dont know how many times I have to kick him out of their room!!!!! Errrrrr!!! I am putting balloons in their crib next time. That'll teach him. So I had to change both of their sheets. I used their last set which leads me to think I need to do some shopping tonight online for sheets! FUN!

Fourthly after I changed their sheets I put Finn back in her crib and she spit up all over her sheets.........WTH! So I wiped it up and am praying it dries before bed because well, that was my last set of clean sheets. I remember saying a few months ago "NO MORE SHEETS", we have enough sheets and now I am thinking to myself "Where are all my sheets"

Fifthly my house is a wreck. I need to do laundry (then I would have more clean sheets) but that would require me to put away the 3 loads in the baskets so I could use them. Who the hell has time for that right now?

Sixthly (yes there is a freaking sixthly) I am starving to death and want a Filet O Fish!!!! But my babies are sick and its nearly their bedtime and McDonalds doesn't deliver (and why not BTW?) I would order daily! So I guess I will find something to make around the house. Ice Cream maybe? Hmmmmm.....

Okay done with my all about me complaining post! Off to deal with my sick babies who just got back up!

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Quadmama said...

I hope everyone is feeling better! If so, maybe you can grab that Filet O Fish today.
I have no idea why, but our cats stayed out of the cribs... the beds are another story. As soon as the toddler beds went up, the cats were all about sleeping in the girls' beds. Their comforters always have cat hair on them, so I've started putting a "top sheet" on the comforters during the day. It means more laundry for me, but at least the hair isn't as much of a problem. Love the balloon idea, though. That would be funny to see.

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