Saturday, April 17, 2010

Outsmarting the diaper eating Goldendoodle.

So as I said in my previous post I have a Goldendoodle in heat! Yippee for me! We got diapers for her. The first day she was okay with the diaper situation but after a couple days she had decided she was going to make "crotchless diapers" as Gary called it. Shes been eating the crotch out of her diapers while we sleep! Sneaky dog!

So a few weeks ago I was outside and my elderly neighbors came out to see the girls. Kay asked me if I wanted to come in for a bit to look around her house....not sure what she wanted me to look at I said sure. So she showed me around (despite the fact I have already been in their house but she's old and I think she forgot) and then after the tour was over we were outside talking on her deck and she said she had some baby items in a bag and wanted to know if I wanted them? Not wanting to seem rude I said "oh yeah sure, I can always use stuff for the girls" So she went to go get it and it was a bag of plastic pants (you know the old fashioned kind that go over cloth diapers) and a knitted blanket. So I took it and looked thrilled and thew it in my closet when I got home.

Gary decided today he would outsmart Tessie and grabbed one of the plastic pants and cut out a tail for it and put it over her diaper. Lol. She hates him now! But I think he won this battle......for now!

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Mim said...

McGyver strikes again...

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