Sunday, April 11, 2010

Ugh, I need a break......from my life.

Now as you know having twins is no small task. They keep me busy all day long and I will be lucky to have 5 minutes to myself to pee or get a glass of water. Seriously sometimes by midnight I realize I have neither eaten or drank anything or used the bathroom all day.....scary right? So, because Gary and I work full time and don't get to see each other for more than a few minutes a day we cherish our weekends. Not only is the only time we get to spend together as a family but its the only time we have to get things done around the house and do our shopping etc.....

Now that the nice weather is just about here our weekends are filling up with things we need to do. I hate when my nice relaxing weekends turn into running around madness!

I started getting our groceries delivered by they way. If you don't already take advantage of this from your local grocery store your a idiot. Sorry......but Gary bugged me for a bit about doing it but after the truck came and delivered our groceries at 8:00am Friday morning Gary was slapping me in the ass telling me "Good job baby". How nice to have just saved at least 2 hours out of my day!

So anyway, this past weekend Gary and Mom went and took the boating course. It was 8 freaking hours long. So I took advantage of him being gone and took the girls clothes shopping.

Next weekend I have a stupid freaking Bridal shower to go to........for a person I have only met once, who wouldn't talk to me when I talked to her, but apparently she's going to be I am supposed to go. Whatever. WHOLE NOTHER POST about this one. So that will waste a good Saturday afternoon.

Then that Sunday Gary wants to drive a hour + to the campground with the girls to check on the camper and start opening it up. Which is fine, but I am not sure how this is going to go over with twins in the mix. I am guessing I could be stuck with two of them cranky in a camper all day long. I am hoping Mom will come with us and help...and maybe my brothers, and dad.....anyone????

Then the following weekend is the weekend before camp opens so we will definitely be there getting everything ready for the following weekend. We need to wipe the whole camper down inside, vacuum it all, put sheets and blankets on all the beds, steam clean the carpets, clean out the cabinets and arrange them nice. Find spots for all the insane baby things that will be EVERYWHERE, clean up the site. Oh man, its going to be insane!

Then the following weekend CAMP OPENS! I can't wait. It is going to be fun to have the girls there this year. It will sure beat being pregnant with them and being there. Because seriously that sucked! I could barely walk I was so big, I couldn't drink, I was throwing up non stop. It was not fun. I am glad I'm not pregnant this year!

Besides all the camping stuff we have going on we also have a huge bay window left that Gary needs to put in and a play room that needs to be turned into a play room so I can get some baby things out of my living room. That will take a whole day by itself just to clean out and get done.

We need to paint our living room, its been primered and ready to go for over a month now. Might help if I could pick a paint color huh? Who has time for that though?

Not me that's for sure!

Well, its getting late and I have been blabbering enough about our upcoming "fun weekends" so It off to bed for the night!

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Mandibula said...

Bridal shower solution-TAKE THE LADIES! I'm evil and have done this before to get out of event early. It helps if you keep them up and they are cranky. You stop in, make your appearance and then presto-you leave cause the babies need to be at home and you're gotten your afternoon back!

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