Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Picture Monday's

Just a random post today! First,here are the Red Sox new number one(and two) fan(s)! They sure are cute aren't they?! It looks like Finn is praying for them......"Please win, Please win, Please win"

Also I think I already talked about this but for the past week or so Gillian has been screaming and crying like a maniac when you try to hold her and feed her. For a couple days I was wondering if it was the formula not agreeing with her. Then I went to go feed both of the girls at the same time in their bouncers and she took it right away. WTH. After a couple experiments I have come to the conclusion she is just exerting her Independence and wants to feed herself. Well today she held her bottle almost her whole feeding. I was so proud of her! My baby is 4 months and 2 weeks old and she is already feeding herself. Ugh....growing up so fast. So since I had some free hands I thought I would snap some pics!

Sondra took a pic of the family on Easter, It was the first "family picture" too. It makes me laugh everytime I look at it. I look insane (definitely had one glass of wine too many) Gillian looks like she is screaming at Finley, Finley is looking at Gillian like "stop yelling at me" and Gary has that "Oh my crazy girls" look on his face!

Here are a few more pics of Easter that Sondra took that I thought were adorable. The first one is Me and Finn and then Gillian looking so freaking adorable I could just eat her up!

And here are a few pics of Grammie with Gillian. (She may kill me for posting these pics but I don't have any pics that I can think of with my grandmother and I and I refuse to have that be the same for my girls)

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