Thursday, April 29, 2010

16 Outfits for a weekend camping trip? Insanity!

So I have been planning in my head what I need to pack for the girls for our weeekend camping trip. This is what I have decided

2 long sleeve "cold outfits" for EACH girl........4 total
2 short sleeve "cool outfits" for EACH girl.......4 total
2 "hot outfits" for EACH girl........4 total
2 pairs of PJ's for EACH girl........4 total
2 jackets for EACH girl..............4 total
2 onsies for EACH girl...............4 total
4 pairs of socks

Now before you think I am insane (which I probably am) the weather is supposed to be in the 70's and 80's this weekend but if we are outside in the early morning or late at night it will probably get cooler....hense the need for cold, cool and hot outfits! Lol. AND you never know if a baby is going to spit up on her clothes, have a blow out or somehow ruin her outfit for the day so you need a back up of everything.

Gary may hurt me before the weekend is done. There is going to be clothes EVERYWHERE!!!


Anonymous said...

I'd say skip the hot outfits and bring more onesies. Just a thought. Sondra

Erin said...

No....Sondra the "hot outfits" are their cute new clothes!!! I need to bring them! Lol.

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