Monday, April 26, 2010

Evil plot to make me blog about him??

Gary was reading my blog last night and wanted to know why I never blog about the bad/dumb stuff I do. Well for starters, I am perfect but secondly he gives me so much material why should I put my faults out there for the world to read?

After I got out of work today I called Gary and told him I wanted to just go home and crash after I put the girls to bed. I felt so exhausted for some reason. Maybe it was because I got up early to clean the house but whatever, I was B-E-A-T!

I picked up the girls and was heading home when my phone rang, I looked at the number and it was Gary's work number. Now anyone that has a husband that does what mine does (and if you don't know too bad!) knows that getting calls from their work is scary business. I never know if something happened to him or what. So I answer quickly and concerned and it was him.......trying to wreck my sleeping night! He locked his keys in his car. Now, he has a remote clicker locker thing so how he managed to do it is beyond me. I guess he is not used to not having to manually lock his doors after driving his old ass Jeep Wrangler for so long?

Whatever his "excuse" was his work is at least 45 minutes from our house! Ugh, so I had to grab the spare keys from home, drive 45 minutes to his work, 30 minutes back to my moms so I could unload the girls and feed them before they really melted down and then after being there for a hour I headed back home. Where my nap was no where to be found......zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. So sleepy.

So I think this was a evil plot to get me to blog about him. Well it worked.

On a side note, the girls played this morning together for at least 2 hours! They were playing with each other and grabbing each others toes and feet and hands. They were being so adorable I didn't want to go to work!

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