Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sesame Street


Gary called me last Friday and mentioned he saw a commercial for Sesame Street live close to us. I got so excited I could hardly contain myself.  I went on the website to see when it was and its this weekend!!

So of course I got tickets for the girls, and us, and the grandma's and Auntie Cheryl and Cousin Stacey.......we may look like lunatics while we're there. Six adults and two kids. I think the adults are more excited than the kids.

So of course I had to go on Etsy and order the girls Elmo shirts with their names on them, and then I got myself a Elmo shirt and Gary a Grover shirt-because Gillian can say "Vrover" so if she see's the shirt and say's "Vrover" Gary will melt and because he's a good Dad he'll wear it!

So thats the plan for this weekend. I'm soooo excited! I can't wait to see the girls reactions. I know for a fact Gillian is going to be the most excited thing on the planet. I'm pretty sure she'll sit there like a good girl too. Finley on the other hand will be excited but she isn't the kind of kid to sit still for 5 seconds so I'm kinda worried about her! We'll see though!

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