Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Its that time of the year again....

I dread it.....dread it. What is "IT"  you wonder?

Cleaning out the girls closets, and 3 dressers full of clothes. Yes they have 3 dressers full of clothes. Well one dresser is Pj's and their towels and stuff, but it still SUCKS!

I started tonight. I pulled out everything that doesn't fit them anymore or anything I wasn't fond of. I was making piles while the girls were in the livingroom watching their Elmo and then they decided that wasn't fun anymore and came to see what I was up to.

Then all my piles became one huge pile and everything was unfolded and screwed up! So I threw everything on top of their dressers and now I have a bigger mess. Not to mention 2 HUGE laundry baskets of clothes to fold in the livingroom and sort through. Errr.

I've been slowly shopping for the girls for spring/summer this year and have about a tote of clothes for them so far.

I'm trying not to go overboard with their clothes this summer. Easier said than done for me I know. Its all just so cute. I can't stop myself from buying it all!

Wish the spring weather would hurry up and get here though. Really stinks having all these cute clothes and not being able to wear them yet!! Hurry up nice weather!! HURRY!!!

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