Monday, March 14, 2011

Screw you Wii!!!

Let me start this post by saying we had a great weekend, except for the part where Finn was a constipated maniac and was crankier than cranky!

Anyway, we had Ben, Jon, Sondra, Stacey, Christine and Kaylah over for Dance Central party night! It was fun, except for the part where I drank too much and Finley got up upset with a belly ache. Talk about a quick way too lose a buzz and sober up!

And in case anyone is reading this going Wow, this chic is a lush. I never drink.....for the plain and simple reason that I worry one of the girls will wake up and need me and I'll be bombed and not be able to take care of them. But I decided to live a little and have 2 drinks! Then I felt like crap trying to calm my poor Finley down!

So blah blah, drank too much, blah blah. Ben and Sondra stayed the night. Thank goodness because I felt like hell when I got up the next morning. Between daylight savings time and drinking the night before I needed a nap desperately! Since they were over to help Gary, I went and laid down for a hour and got a much needed mommy nap!

After I got up and the girls went down for their nap I ran to the store to get PRUNES! Which by the way worked in about 30 minutes for Ms. Finn! Poop Finally!!!

After things seemed to calm down Sondra started screwing around with our Wii. She decided to set up our Mii's and then we decided to do some stupid fitness test crap it has. Everything was going super until it asked me to step on the board and weighed me.

My BMI was  25.05 which FYI is .05 over the "healthy" range and that mother f*****g thing called me over weight..... Excuse me......stupid ass Wii.......what did you just call me? Oh hell no!!!

Does this Wii know I just had twins 15 months ago? I don't think it knows who its messing with! You're talking about someone who can feed, change and carry two babies at once!!! Don't mess with me!

So now I'm on a personal mission to prove my Wii wrong. I will lose my 3 pounds and get in this so called healthy range. Oh yes I will.....on a happy note it said my fitness age was 31. Guess what?! I'm freaking 31!! So I guess that's good right?!

So that was my Wii day. It ticked me off. I'm obviously not over it.

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Mandy said...

Just like me, I don't work out for myself I do it to show the wii who's boss!

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