Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Crazy kids

The girls have stepped it up a notch the past few days.

They are trying to get out of their cribs, opening closets and getting into them, climbing up on the couches and chairs....pretty much making me a nervous wreck!

So.....Gary rigged this up so they couldn't open the closet in their room anymore

We took all the cushions off the couches and now they are jumping on it like a trampoline.....never imagined this is how my expensive leather couches would be used when I got them years ago.

Also, Finley is knocking over anything she can find and climbing in it or on it. I had to take away her new princess kitchen because this is how I found her. Yep, she's stuck in the oven.

Did I mention the day I was making dinner and heard her crying but couldn't find her? Where's waldo anyone?

Its funny a year ago my biggest worry was them crying for one of 3 reason: Hungry, dirty diaper, tired. Hm. Sure seems easier a year ago huh? Why did I feel like that was so rough? Now I am chasing 2 running kids all over the house making sure they aren't climbing on something or wedging themselves in anything!!

Oh to go back to the good old boring days when they did nothing but lay there......the simpler days.

I gotta say though, those boring days sucked. I hated them. As easy as they were, they were too easy! I love my girls running and talking and getting into things. It makes me laugh to see what they can come up with next! Or to see how much they change and grow up everyday. It really is amazing watching 2 little people grow into big people thats for sure!


Mim said...

You only have 2 kids silly, unless you're counting Gary or Harley

Erin said...

OMG I put 3 kids!! Must be a subliminal message to myself or something........and it took me 20 minutes to find my typo!

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