Monday, March 14, 2011

Love is.......

Love is......

Carrying TWO babies for 37 weeks with horrible morning sickness and heartburn and never once complaining!

Singing the itsy bitsy spider over and over again because the girls love to do their spider hands

Letting Finley feed me old Cheerios from goodness knows where because she likes when I make my chomping noise at her.

Chasing the girls around the house with the vacuum from couch to couch just to hear them laugh hysterically.

Reading the same book a hundred times a night to Gillian because its her favorite!

Letting Finley put a stacking cup up to my mouth over and over again while I scream "whoopie" into it just to hear her laugh.

Getting up with upset babies at all hours of the night and watching countless hours of Elmo to calm them down.

Taking a shower with 5,000 toys on the floor of my tub.

My husband trading in his Jeep Wrangler for a minivan.

Holding vomiting babies for the a whole night because I didn't want them to feel scared.

Secretly wishing one of the girls would get up at night because I miss them.

Letting them run around the house naked after bath time because its their favorite part of the day, even if I have to clean up a little pee!

Letting Finley put on her own lotion because she feels like a big girl, even if she only does her belly and knees.

Letting them take my slippers off a hundred times because they love to try to put them back on. Did I mention I yell "yippee" every time they come close to making it on my foot?

Rubbing Gillian's back for a hour while she's in bed with me to get her to bed, despite the fact my arm and hand fell asleep 56 minutes earlier.

Being excited to wake up in the morning so I can see my girls.

My life.......every last dirty diaper, crying baby, and sleepless night!

I honestly wouldn't change a minute of it for the anything in the whole entire world!!!

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