Thursday, March 24, 2011

Constipation sucks.

No not me! My poor peanut Finn Finn!

This girl has been struggling since we switched her to milk at 11 months old. Its been on and off but when its on its on! And its horrible.

Last night took the cake. She's been pooping rocks for days, I called the doctor a few days ago and they suggested I give her Miralax. So I gave her some on Tuesday and she pooped within 30 minutes. Then I decided I didn't need to give her any on Wednesday because (I'm an idiot) she pooped good on Tuesday. What a mistake that was!

Last night she got up around midnight and was crying, cranky, fidgety and trying to yank out her hair she was so exhausted. You could tell it was her belly. I couldn't get her to drink anything though so the miralax wasn't going to help then.

She was up with Gary until at least 6:00 this morning before she finally fell asleep on him. I passed out around 5:30 and got back up at 7:30 for some strange reason. I felt like a truck hit me and called into work.

Gary and I napped when the girls did this morning but I'm still beat. All nighters suck. Constipation sucks.

I gave her the miralax this morning and she went almost immediately. I won't be skipping it again for a while. I'm not sure how long she will take it but I read they can relapse if stopped to quickly.

I've also been trying to make dietary changes with her too but its hard. She eats a ton of fruits and veggies so I'm not sure why this is happening in the first place. Plenty of fiber in her diet, plenty of water drinking, she does love bananas and cheese though......I'm sure those are my culprits.

I'm going to try to give her less milk too. Maybe 1/2 a sippy cup instead of a whole one.

Anyway, I hope we don't have another problem like this for a loooooong looooong time! I'm too old to be up all night. I need my sleep!


Mandy said...

We have the same problem with Claire. 1/2 a cap of miralax every morning and she still has some issues. Stepping up the water helped. I have heard that they grow out of it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

Amanda said...

Happy to have just came across your blog from the multiples site! Sorry to hear your daughter is struggling with this- it does suck. My son had the same problem and we finally realized it was the milk. We took him off milk 4 years ago and it totally helped! He still gets constipated though if he has too much dairy in the form of cheese or ice cream (which he refuses to give up)!

Zookeeper Jess said...

Hi there! We had the same exact issue with our daughter when we switched her to whole milk at age 1. Milk is definitely the culprit. I've know several people with the same issue. She was on regular formula too but once we switched to whole milk she started getting backed up. She would have rock hard bowel movements that were so big they actually ripped her rectum several times :( it was awful. She would just cry and whine all the time because her belly constantly ached and it got to where she was actually scared to have a bowel movement so finally -even though the Pedi prescribed stool sidebar that did NOT help - I put my foot down and told the dr that we had to do something soon. 6 months had gone by with her in pain and constantly having her rectum ripped. She referred us to a gi specialist and after what seemed like hundreds of tests - we just could not find anything wrong. He said that the milk basically slowed down her digestive system and caused it to move in slow motion. He prescribed her miralax (this was right before it started to be an OTC med). She was around 20 months old then and now she is 4 and a half. Miralax has been a life savor. I wanted to tell you that you definitely cannot just stop it cold turkey. He told us that if you stop it all together like that that it just makes the colon go back to it's old ways. He told us the way that miralax works is that it pulls more water into the colon thus making bowel movements softer and smaller. His goal for us was to start at the normal dosage and then after a few months we could slowly lower the dosage. She started
With the cap full and now only gets a teaspoon full but still needs that teaspoon or she has pain again with hard bowel movements. It has definitely made her life much easier and ours because it was just awful seeing her go through that! I'm sorry that I wrote a book and if there are tons of typos I'm sorry- I'm ony phone but wanted to share our story with you. If you want to chat more you can email me at .

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