Wednesday, March 16, 2011

This is war.....

Its no secret to anyone that we have some sleep issues going on in this house. I assure you, its not with me!
I love to sleep. I would think my kids would too but that unfortunatly is not the case.
For the most part 98% of the time Finley sleeps through the night. Gillian on the other hand has a terrible habit of getting up anywhere from 9:30-2:00am and torturing me. The time she gets up varies, the length she stays up varies, and I know I'm to blame.

When she does get up I usually change her and let her watch Elmo for a little bit and then put her back to bed.

Now I am convinced she his getting up just to watch Elmo. I'm over it. I can't watch one more late night episode of Elmo.

I always said I would never let my kids CIO as babies, but they are not babies anymore and fully aware of what they are doing.

Last night Gillian got up around midnight and we did our usual diaper, milk, Elmo routine. Then I decided to bring her in my room and try to get her to lay down. No luck....

Then a light bulb went off. This kid is playing me. Like a freaking fiddle!

I put her back in her room and let her cry-okay she wasn't crying but whining like a crazy girl  until she fell asleep a hour later. And I woke up this morning proud of myself!

So bring it on kids! From here on out your going to get a diaper change and back to bed with you! No more Elmo, no more playing, BACK TO BED WITH YOU!!!

I will win. Because I'm the freaking adult!!!

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