Monday, March 7, 2011

Oh dear sweet Children of mine......

If you lift up my shirt one more time and pat my belly and say "baby" I may have to hurt you!

I know I'm still a little flabby from having you two 15 flipping months ago but I assure you there is no baby in my belly!

Those kids I tell you. They are cute though! Finley likes to come up and pull up my shirt, pinch a piece of fat and then laugh to herself and run away. As if she's saying "Yep, that fat.......its all my fault, I rock for wrecking your hot body" (okay maybe she isn't saying that but that's my interpretation)

Gillian decided to get up tonight after being down for 2 hours so I brought her to the livingroom and put on Elmo. If your thinking to yourself "Holy crap, does this chic use Elmo for everything"'re right! I use Elmo for everything. If my kids are upset and crying in hysteric's-I put on Elmo. If they are running around my house yelling "EBA" I put on Elmo, If they are at family's house and bored-you guessed it, I put on Elmo. He's my go to guy. Love that little red monster.

Anyway, we watched Elmo after Gillian got up tonight and when it was over she grabbed her phone (my old blackberry ironically enough-who give kids an expensive blackberry to play with as a toy is beyond me) and started "talking" into it. Then she would stick it to my ear and I would talk and we went back and forth. I finally asked her who was on the phone for me and whispered so quietly "eba" and handed me the phone.

She makes me laugh hysterically some days. I am amazed by how much they understand. I can't wait to have conversations with these two. They are such characters I can only imagine how those will go.

So that was my very random post of the week.......

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