Wednesday, March 23, 2011

My WTF moment of the day

So......Finley may be a little nutty. I say this lovingly of course but I think she's a little "coo-coo" (joking of course, please don't message me that I'm an evil mother)

When Finley gets tired she starts pulling her hair out and eating it. She's been doing it for a few months now and usually I can catch her as soon as she starts even reaching for her hair and put her down for her nap/night night and then it isn't an issue.

Then part of me a few days ago started going a little "coo coo", I started freaking out suddenly wondering if maybe its because she isn't getting enough attention? Do I pick her up enough? Does she feel left out because I read to Gillian so much? Am I playing with her as much? She has been a little cranky lately. Am I a freaking horrible mother?


Phew. Okay now that I got all that out. I have to stop googling by the way, anyway, I will always worry one of the two isn't getting enough attention. Gillian does get read to ALOT. She's also alot more verbal and I spend alot of time flipping through books with her going over her words she knows. Finn on the other hand could care less about talking (unless she's screaming ELMO) or being read to.

Now every time Gillian comes to me with a book, which is every 2 minutes, I feel guilty..........

Anyway, I know it is just because she's tired and its what she does but its making me insane.

Has anyone else dealt with this? I'm so worried she's going to end up with a bald spot. Poor kid has no hair to start with, now she's trying to pull it out. Great.

Oh yeah and my WTF a feeble attempt to give Finley something to "soothe" herself with rather than yank out her hair I gave her a pacifier? Who does that? What parent in their right mind tries to get their kid hooked on a pacifier???

She took it too but I doubt she'll actually use it. She's not the pacifier type. Thats Gillian's thing.......

Oh well. Advice? Please......pretty please.


Trish said...

Hey, I actually know a girl from TWW that has triplets and one of her girls does this same thing...pulls her hair out and puts it in her you know who I am talking about? She's a friend of mine on Facebook and I can probably get you her contact info if you want some advice! She's very knowledgeable, etc. Anyway, no it is not because you are a bad parent!!! I read a lot more to Camille too just because she likes to and Charlotte does not! I do worry about playing favorites, though. Charlotte is a HUGE daddy's girl so he's always picking her up and playing with her, and I have to make sure Camille gets "daddy time" too. We have too much to worry about...arrghhh!

Mandy said...

We have a reader and a player too! We have the verbal and the physical, the calm and the crazy, and on and on. I just try to remind myself that kids are different. I run into this problem every time we go to the Dr.'s and she is always telling me to stop comparing them to each other.

As for the hair pulling, I'm at a loss. Claire has started pulling at her eyelashes when she is tired and it freaks me out. She will pull her whole eye lid up and get them. Only when she is really tired though so I push her hands away and distract her with a kiss or something till I lay her down.

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