Monday, January 3, 2011


Lets face it, most of us make them. Most of us also break them by Jan 5th.

My resolution this year is to get in shape! I used to have a smoking hot body. Not a ounce of fat on me.....then I got pregnant and everything went down hill. Way, way way down hill. More like a ravine than a hill actually.

I am so flabby. I hate flabby. I want my old body back. Please, please let me get my old body back.

I heard someone say if you can make it until Valentines day with your resolutions you will usually stick with them all year. So I am setting small goals for myself. February, I just need to make it to February.

Michelle talked me into joining the gym with her. I figure what the heck, its good motivation to go with a friend! The catch is, the only time we can go is 5:30 in the morning. How much does that suck? I don't usually go to bed until 1am. Never mind get up at 5. So I am going to *try* to go to bed at 9 tonight. I have everything packed and ready to go for when I get up. All I gotta do is drag myself out of bed. That's gonna be the hard part.

I hope this isn't going to end up like the time Michelle and I decided to take some college classes together. She ended up dropping the classes to go to Jamaica and I dropped the classes because well.....what fun was it if Michelle wasn't there?

So what was everyone else's resolutions this year?

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