Sunday, January 9, 2011

Holy Cow

That is what you would say if you walked into my house right now. Seriously, you would gasp (loudly) and then say "Holy Cow." Maybe even "Holy FREAKING Cow!"

In the kitchen there is not one inch of counter space that you can see, it is covered with mail, plastic bags filled with baby clothes, and other misc random things that don't belong on my kitchen counters.

The floors are littered with sticky spots and cheerios crumbs.

The living room is covered in clothes. Clothes, everywhere. How did clothes become my new life? I am sitting on the only space left on the couch as I type. I'm scared to move in fear the mound will fall over and take my space.

The playroom, forget about it. We got one of those 12 bin organizers but the girls dumped everything out and sit in the bins. Toys are everywhere.

How did this happen you ask? Well, for starters......I have twins. Twins that are terrors and who are emptying out their drawers faster than I can fill them. Tonight I took EVERYTHING out of the dressers they can open.

All their extra blankets that have been piled in the corner in a basket that they keep pulling out and dragging all over the floor were taken out too.

Its all sitting in my living room. Torturing me. Taunting me.

All I gotta say is I am going to spend the night folding it all.......again......and tomorrow Gary better have the drawer locks put on.

Well, enough blabbering. I got a house to clean, and floors to be vacuumed and moped. Fun Fun night ahead.

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