Wednesday, January 5, 2011 laundry

Holy cow. My WHOLE entire couch is covered in laundry. Half of it is folded, half of it isn't...then there are odds and ends that were thrown on top of it. Its nuts. I never would have imagined the amount of laundry 2 babies create!

The problem isn't folding the clothes. Its putting them away. A normal attempt at putting them away goes something like this:

Me-open drawer and put pants in.

Finn comes on the other side of the drawer and pulls pants out.

While I am chasing her to get the pants back Gillian comes by and grabs more pants.

Repeat chasing babies around for clothes until everything is pulled out and strewn around the floor and I am laying in the middle begging for mercy.

Throw in someone getting their fingers pinched in a drawer by their "over eager-helpful" sister and some hysterical crying and you have a night!

So this is why I have piles of clothes on my couch. I would rather dig through the hampers of folded clothes than have to deal with putting them away!!


Mandy said...

I have the same problem! I have decided to buy castors for the bottom of their dressers! I am going to wheel them out at bed time and roll them back in, fully stocked, in the morning! I can only fold laundry at night anyhow since my girls also like to help fold and throw the clothes!

Trish said...

So funny to read your stories Erin! My girls don't seem all that interested in the clothes...but they confiscate my laundry baskets! They push them all around the room and have "basket" I have to dump all the clothes out so I can fold while they do bumper cars with the baskets!

Cottongirl7 said...

I live the laundry nightmare too! At any time you enter my house, unless I knew you were coming about a week ahead of time, you will find a pile of laundry on my window bench. It grows and shrinks and changes, but never dissapears for more than a day. I never thought I would have to do laundry EVERY SINGLE DAY, but I do. My girls run off with the clean clothes from the pile. They also get a kick out of hiding things in the pile. It's just awesome! If I was rich, I would NEVER DO LAUNDRY AGAIN! This is what I told my husband when he bought a lotto ticket the other day. :)

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