Monday, January 3, 2011

Bubbles Bubbles

Gillian loves to read (well, she brings me book after book and I read) but she loves it. Her latest favorite is "The bubble book" as we have affectionatly dubbed it. If she is crying-get the bubble book, in a bad mood-bubble book. I have memorized the book.

I don't even have to have the book and if I say "bubbles, bubbles on my nose, bubbles, bubbles on my toes" she gets excited.

AND her latest word.........bubble.

Speaking of words. She is saying "baaaa" when she see's a sheep, "cack" (quack) when she see's a duck, "Ebo" for Elmo, bubble and the usual Mom, Mama, and a occasional Dada. Ironically they both started out with Dada but hardly say it anymore. Guess they like Mama better!

Finn is being her usual stubburn self and says "night night" and mama, dada, baba....but thats about it.

Gillian has been blabbering up a storm and having full blown conversations with herself for about a week now, Finn goes on occasional rants but nothing like Gillian yet. I'm waiting.....should be interesting to see who's going to talk more. Goodness knows if they are like their Mama they won't shut up.

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Trish said...

Bubbles Bubbles in my hair...bubble bubbles EVERYWHERE! Ha. We have that same it sad I can quote them from memory??

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