Friday, January 28, 2011

14 Months.

Gillian and Finley are nearly 14 months old now. Its insane. I can't believe how fast time is flying by!

The girls are getting more fun by the minute and I just love it! So here are some random facts about the girls in no particular order!

Elmo is still the favorite show in the house, first thing in the morning Gillian finds the remote and brings it to me and says "EBA"

Finley is starting to hug Gillian over the past few days. Today she hugged Gillian from behind. She leaned her head right up against hers and said "awwwww" while trying to rock Gillian from side to side. Gillian thought she was crazy. Of course!

Finley loves Harley. She is always petting him, feeding him and hugging him and trying to poke him in the eyes. That's not love you say? To Finn it is!

Gillian has a billion teeth. I am pretty sure she has everything but her 2 year molars!

Finley has a new smile and its flipping adorable. She is so cheesy. It too cute for words!

Neither one of the girls is saying much of anything. Finn only says "Night Night, Mama, and Dada" here and there and Gillian says "Ball, Ebo, Baba (Baby), Puppa ( puppy), nana (banana) and Mama and Dada". I am waiting for them to really start talking and for the day I wish they would stop!

Gillian is finally getting some hair! Its definitely blond. I had light hair as a baby too so I'm sure hers will darken up eventually. But its cute. .

If Finley is hungry she goes to her highchair and waits until I come and feed her!

Finley is sleeping through the night.....Gillian gets up just about every night at 10 for about 20 minutes and then goes back down usually for the night. When will she stop waking I wonder?

I am amazed how much the girls understand too. Just about everything I say to them they understand. If I tell them to do something they do it, If I tell them to get me something they get it. Who would have though that at just 14 months old they would be so smart. It just blows me away!

Can't wait to see what happens this month. Will they be talking up a storm by then? Will Finn continue to be my little firecracker? Will the girls ever get along??? The mystery continues!

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