Sunday, January 9, 2011


We all cry at IHOP!

My mom called last night and suggested we do brunch this morning/afternoon. I hate taking the girls to restaurants. Its always more work than it is relaxing. But I figured we'd have 4 adults to 2 kids so how bad could it be?

The IHOP just opened a few months ago so I had a feeling it was going to be packed but nothing prepared me for the hour long wait with 2 crazy one year olds.

The girls were being their usual selves, Gillian the good listener and Finn being a hard headed punk. We decided to take a walk around the mall while we waited (Ihop is in our mall) and Gillian held Gary's hand while we strolled along while Mom and I were stuck with Finn who refused to hold anyone's hand and keeps stopping every 10 steps to look at herself in the next store front.

We got down to some "toys", you know the annoying riding ones that every parent secretly hopes their kids don't notice. Well mine did. Dad threw in a few quarters and after 10 seconds both girls were trying to jump out. That was fun. Back to IHOP we go.

After what felt like a million hours of waiting we got our seats. By this time both girls were cranky, and hungry.

Finley just wanted some milk, which of course I didn't bring with me because I figured she wouldn't want any until the late afternoon.

The kid started doing creamer shots after being there for 5 minutes. I mean taking the creamers, popping them and drinking them. I could have died. Finally the waitress came and I ordered the girl a milk and some pancakes.

After the food got there the fun started. Finn was chucking pancakes and hashbrowns everywhere. People must have thought we were insane. There was food on every inch of the ground under them.  Some poor man behind Finn nearly got hit by a flying pancake. All I could do was apologize to the waitress.

When we left they had a clean up crew ready and waiting for us. 2 were cleaning the table, 3 were picking up the food and vacuuming. I couldn't run out of there fast enough.

Next time Mom asks to do brunch I think I'll pass........sorry Mom, you can come to my house and have Dad make us breakfast next time. Where I have Harley my clean up dog.

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