Friday, January 28, 2011


I feel like there is some unspoken competition between the grandmothers. You know the one where they both secretly wish their 2 beautiful grand daughters will say their "name" first.

It really does crack me up, I guess I can understand. I was pretty ticked when the girls decided to say "dada" first. But I got over it, now they never say "dada" and its constantly "mama" out of those precious little mouth's.

Gary's mom is Mema. Even I call her Mema. When the girls started saying "mama" she would tell them "that's not how you say it.....its MEMA" Nice try lady!

My mom however took the cake this week. Before I had the girls she couldn't decide what to be called. Gary and I call her Grammie Pepsi (long story...her name is Betsy, it rhymes and makes us laugh) and we thought it would irk her so that's what we call her. Either way she's Grammie. Like it or not.

I told her a few days ago that Gillian started to say "Nana" for banana and she suddenly decided that maybe she should be called "nana". If that wasn't the lowest of all lows Mom......really? Talk about trying to cheat.....

Let the competition continue........cause she isn't taking "Nana"!


Cottongirl7 said...

Too funny! I think its impossible for grandmas not to compete just a little. They so want their grandkids to love them. At least we are lucky enough to have family who really want the kids to know and love them. :) Just the other day my mom in law bought the girls a bounce house. Good grief. My mom's first responce was "She wins, I can't fit a bounce house here!" I told her it wasn't about who wins and she laughed. She was only kidding, but you know there was a little truth behind it. :)

StaCey said...

hahaahhaaha! this is hysterical.LOL

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