Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Oh dear. Gillian is addicted to her blankie and wubbanub. What the heck is a wubbanub you ask.......this is a wubbanub

Its a cute little stuffed animal with a pacifier attached. This has been a lifesaver for us when the girls were younger because it was easy for her to find in the dark when she would wake looking for it. Now she is addicted to it and freaks if you take it from her and put it back in her crib.

Now, we don't let her use a pacifier outside of her crib so this is getting annoying. I just let her have a fit and take her out of their bedroom so its out of sight, out of mind. I refuse to have that kid walking around with a stuffed animal hanging out of her mouth.

Her blanket on the hand I know is a comfort thing and I think its good for toddlers to have something for comfort, so I'm not fighting the blanket. She walks around with it wrapped around her shoulders and head. Luckily I sensed this blanket phase coming with her 6 months ago and got a 2nd identical one to swap out when one gets dirty and needs to be washed. Maybe I need a 3rd.

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Momma Chantal said...

We have attachment items too! Bella will add a new member to her entourage here and there. She now has 2 blankets, a lovey, a baby, an Elmo, and a small plastic duck she calls "quack quack." samuel has a lovey, which is "the one" and also a blue bear and a cookie monster. We have multiples of the lovies, blankies, and baby.

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