Monday, January 17, 2011

TV Junkies.....

Oh boy. Since we were sick for the whole flipping week Gary and I relied ALOT on Sesame Street to get us through those long days! It was the only thing that would keep the girls halfway happy while letting us *try* to rest.

Needless to say since we are all healthy again there are some withdrawls going on from the girls.

The past 2 mornings Gillian has got up, managed to find the remote and bring to either Gary or I and say "EBO" (that's Gillian talk for Elmo) It really is cute but I refuse to let them sit around all day watching Sesame Street. They are allowed one episode in the morning and one before bed.

Tonight as I was undressing the girls for their baths Gillian was saying over and over and over "EBO.....EBO......EBO" Poor kid. She loves her Elmo.

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