Thursday, September 23, 2010


I just can't believe it! Gillian started walking tonight! She has been standing in place pretty good for the past week but when she would try to take a step she would just fling herself forward.

Today she was standing and I held my arms out to her and she actually took a step! She looked so freaking shocked, then she took another. I was so excited I screamed (and when I say screamed, I mean screamed) on the top of my lungs. I scared the hell out of her to be honest with you....and then she cried! Oooops.

Mom came over and we were practicing with her. She took a few more, probably 5 or 6 more but then started looking like a crazy drunk! Lol, I'm sure she'll do better tomorrow. I can't believe my baby is starting to walk! At 9 freaking months old!

I know Finn is right behind her too. It is only a matter of time as I know it just got more complicated!

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carebear7951 said...

In a been there done that sort of way (although, never 2 at a time) I think walking is easier. I think they put less things in their mouths than when crawling...and any little speck of dirt on the floor is not going in their mouths....etc! Congrats to Gillian!!!!! (Did I spell that wrong? Jillian? All of a sudden I blanked!?)
BTW, Nathan, my December baby is right behind her! :) He almost took that first step last night. If I'd ever work with might happen.

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