Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Dear Fridge......Why do you betray me?

Every morning I open the refrigerator door hoping to find it has stocked itself full of good food. But yet every morning I open it and its EMPTY.

So disappointing. Who has time to shop anymore? Hell between working full time, juggling 2 kids, a dog, 2 cats, camping nearly every weekend and a husband there is no time for grocery shopping. And even if there was time for shopping I am sure that would have taken up all my time for cooking so either way I am screwed folks! SCREWED!

I have been eating insane things for dinner lately. Ice cream mainly. Tortilla chips alot. Tonight was cashews and tortilla chips. Last night was corned beef hash, I even fed it to the girls. That's desperation!

I thought I was going to have a breakdown tonight though when I was browsing through my blog lists and decided to check out my favorite recipe site They have the most awesome recipes there. Not the thing to do when you have starved yourself to death for nearly 6 months! I am literally drooling over here. No kidding. Its pathetic.

Before the girls got here I made a ton of freezer meals. Those were great. Well I ran out about 6 months ago and have been hungry ever since! I am shocked (and when I say shocked I mean shocked) I haven't lost any weight!

So anyway, I have decided unfortunately my fridge isn't going to fill itself. I need to do some shopping. I need to start making some freezer meals again and I need to eat! So my goal this month is to get cooking again.

I have to make time. Somehow. I need to find motivation. Somewhere. I need to eat. Something!!!!

Okay. So, I am going back to checking out my favorite recipe site and going to decide what to make first!

Wish me luck. Goodness knows I'm gonna need it!


Mandy said...

Do you have a big deep freezer? I'm thinking of investing! How long do you freeze your meals? I really want to start the once a month cook-a-thon. I figure between that and my slow cooker I'll have real food to eat again!

Erin said...

I have a seperate freezer (chest type)in my basement I use. When I was making my freezer meals I would date them and try to use them within 6 months. I used to make a double batch of whatever I was cooking during the week and freeze one and then on the weekends I went banana's cooking tons of meals! It was great though. Never have to worry about what to eat.

Anonymous said...

Some grocery stores offer online shopping and delivery for a small charge (like Safeway if you have one in your area). The delivery fee really isn't that bad and sooo worth it to not have to go through all the hassle of shopping!!

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