Monday, September 20, 2010

And the helmet is for........

None of your damn business! That's what it's for!

We took the girls out to Bj's this weekend. I was annoyed by the time I left. Mainly because people are idiots with no tact.

Finn wore her helmet out and a woman came up to me. This is the convo I had with her:

Her: Um, are those your daughters?

Me: Yep, sure are.

Her: Oh, well their cute! My son has a flat head, I hope he doesn't have to wear something like that helmet (with such disgust in her voice) pointing at Finn.

Me: Well, its not the worst thing in the world. Sure beats having a messed up head.

At this point I tried desperately to walk away, I honestly wanted to smack her. But she decided to tell me how I can get pampers from Big Lots for $30.00.....I use luvs, and get them for $30.00. Go away lady.

Then Gary had a lady say to him "Oh how cute twins, and the helmet is for.................." he just told her she has a flat head. I would have given her a flat head.

Maybe I am a little sensitive about the subject but man, can people be a little less nosey. Or maybe approach it differently? I would never just come out and ask something like that?

Okay, so anyway, yeah it irks me. Can you tell?

Anyway, Finn is doing better wearing it. We haven't been able to get her to wear it at night yet but we are working on it. I am hoping tonight is the night! She is sleeping soundly with it on right now! Keeping my fingers crossed.

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Mandy said...

Why is it that the minute some yahoo sees someone with more than one baby they feel they are allowed to come chat and question us? They get so personal, so annoying! Just tell them that you are doing what's best for your children and then ask them where their children are, works every time!

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