Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Plan time

Okay, I have a plan.

Now that camping season is over (thank goodness), I really need to start cooking again. It is kinda hard to cook when the only time you have to go for groceries you are stuck at a camp ground for the weekend.

Now don't get me wrong, I enjoy camping, but it sucks when my weekends are filled going to the camper instead of shopping/cleaning/cooking or catching up around the house. So I am looking forward to free weekends to get things done around the house. Heck. We may even get our living room painted this month! Or maybe the last window in the house put in?

Anyway, someone told me about this site http://www.tastyplanner.com/ and its pretty freaking awesome. It has recipes, you can create a meal plan for the week and it even gives you a shopping list off of your meal planner. I did my planner for next week (can't start now, no time to go for groceries) and got my list ready.

Mentally I am ready.

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