Friday, September 24, 2010

Happy Freaking Friday.

Wow, I thought yesterday morning sucked. Nope, not even close to comparing to the morning I have had today!

So, I got up, the house was a wreck. Gary and I tag teamed it and did all the dishes, vacuumed it all and picked it all up. This was at 6:30 in the morning.

Then I realized I had no clean pants for work (at this point I should have said screw it and worked from home but nope....) I decided to pull a dirty pair out of the hamper and chuck them in the dryer.

Finally after being so insanely late I left. Now I work about 45 minutes from home so being late when you work so far away sucks. I was speeding........yep, I admit it, I was.

I finally got about 2 miles from my work and noticed a cop sitting on a side street. SH!T! I braked, HARD, and he proceeded to pull out and pull me over.

This isn't the first time I have been pulled over but I was hoping it would end much like the other "here you go ma'am, here's a warning, please slow down".

Yeah not a shot in hell this time. Douche bag (and I say this lovingly, because I understand he was doing his job and I was speeding but douche bag non the less) handed me my ticket when he got back to the car. $175.00 freaking dollars.

Obviously I pleaded not guilty and mailed it off. I didn't see he had a radar gun, I don't think he knew how fast I was going honestly. Hopefully it will be dropped off my record and I can just pay half if I contest it.....

So that was my morning. Fun, Fun, ticketing Fun!

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