Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Helmet Hell

Oh boy. Oh boy. Breath, Breath.

Finley got her helmet today. She hates the dumb thing. I am praying she was so darn cranky wearing the it because she only took a 20 minute nap before her appt and a 20 minute nap on the way home. Maybe she was just exhausted? Oh dear lord. Please let it be because she was tired.

I can't stand to see my babies unhappy. It was breaking my heart watching her cry wearing it earlier.

Anyway, she has to work her way up to wearing it 23 hours a day. I already ordered her decals for it. I can't wait to get it. Seriously. The stares walking out of there were insane. I mean, I'm used to people staring. I have twins for goodness sakes, but this is going to get us even more attention so the more I can do to make people (and ourselves) feel comfortable with this thing the better.

If you have a baby that is getting a band you need to check this site out www.blingyourband.com
they have the most awesome decals and designs.

I can't wait to get it in and make her helmet look adorable!

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