Wednesday, August 19, 2009

So close but yet so far away.....

Well, I am going to be 22 weeks this week. I am so excited. Last weekend Dh and I cleared out the office, painted it and moved all the furniture in so that is our new spare room! Now we need to move our bedroom furniture into the old spare room and then clean out our old room. That will end up being the girls nursery. Mom ordered the cribs this week too so those should be coming in anytime now (Thanks Mom and Dad). All I need to do now is pick out a paint color!

So besides the rooms, everything else is going great. I feel great, I think I look pretty damn great and I love being pregnant at this point! Except for the heartburn, if I could never have that again that would be great! Lol. AND if my babies don't come out with TONS of hair like everyone is telling me I am going to be pissed!! Lol. I had no hair as a kid. I don't think I got hair until I was 3 and then I cut it all off with some scissors I found laying around so my girls need to have hair. I hate to end up with the little girls that look like little boys and wont have any hair to put clips or bows in!

Oh yeah and Dh said to me the other day that he thought it would be a good idea to take over handleing the money and paying the I am seriously not sure why he thinks he wants this job. He sucked at it when he had a few of his own bills to pay that's why I took it over before we got married and now all of a sudden he thinks he can handle a whole house full of bills and issues?? So this leads me to wonder if he thinks I spend too much money (which I do) and we have too much debt (which we do) and maybe he thinks he can "fix" it?? Lol! I have no idea? I keep asking him if that's why he says he wants to do it? Maybe he is trying to control my spending and he says no, but yet, for some reason I don't believe him?? Hm. So, I figure what the heck......I'm gonna let him take over. I need a break from worrying about the money anyway, but you know, I am still going to be checking up on him to make sure everything is paid! Lol.

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