Thursday, August 6, 2009

Snow Balls for Breakfast and Heartburn for lunch......

UGH......Why O' Why do I do this to myself?? For starters any "normal" pregnant girl with killer heartburn would take her zantac like a good little girl as soon as she wakes up. Nope, not this one. This one decides to down a cup of coffee, a apple turnover and a freaking package of snowballs for breakfast! Then I wonder why a hour later I have the most horrific heartburn on the planet?? Not to mention how horrible it was that I ate snowballs for breakfast! But seriously, there was no way in hell I was resisting the most delicious "snack" in the world! Everytime I see that fluffy pink marshmellow covered in coconut I just go nuts. I have no idea what comes over me but by the time I try to tell myself "no dont do it" they are both shoved in my mouth and gone! Ooh well. I am sure I am going to be sorry when I go for my OB appt next week and step on that scale but its a small (or maybe big) price to pay for that pink goodness!!!

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