Thursday, August 27, 2009

"See you in a hour"

Well, I got a email from my mom yesterday that my cribs came in that she got for me. I saw the same ones at BRU but then checked Walmart and they had the identical ones for cheaper so I thought "Okay, how bad could it be to deal with Walmart" so we ordered them from there. So......they came in and my mom did Site to Store delivery so we could go and pick them up there. Well she made the mistake of having them shipped to the most disgusting, ghetto store in the state of Ct. But we decided to brave this hellhole of a Walmart all for the babies! After making our way through the welfare mom's and their 28 kids they couldn't afford to have we got to the Site to Store pick up section. There is a sign that says "For Service Hit this button on the screen" so, I hit the button and Me, Mom and Gary started to wait.............and wait..........and wait. Every once in a while someone who barely spoke any English at all would come out of the back room and say "You being helped"? Then we tell them nope and they say "Me go get someone". That happened at least 10 times. Bunches of different people going to get other bunches of people but yet somehow we aren't getting helped?

So I keep pushing the button, finally some girl came out of the back room and acted stupid like she didn't know we were there. 40 minutes after we walked into walmart we walked out with our 2 cribs and 2 mattresses.

We got them home and openened them and what would you know, the first one had a hole right through the back of the crib.....this is my "You have got to be kidding me" moment of the day. So, we put it back in the truck and trecked to a different Walmart to return it (there was no way I was going back to the ghetto) and returned the thing. I ordered a new one last night. It should be here in a week. For now, we are just going to paint the room and get the one crib in there and patiently wait for the other to come in! Hopefully the new one wont be damaged!

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