Thursday, August 27, 2009

Diaper Bag

So there are two sites I have been watching like a hawk lately! The first one is and the other is Both of these sites list great bargains everyday for 55-65% off the original price. You need to be quick or somethings sell out in minutes!

Babysteals lists only once a day at 11:00 EST and 9:00 MST I believe but they have great deals when you come across something you love, dont hesitate! Just buy it.

Mamabargains will list something until its sold out and then relist more items all day like that. Its nice to find lots of bargains all day long!

So today I got a DwellStudio Diaper Tote on babysteals for $56.00. ORIGINAL PRICE WAS $160.00! What a great deal. I love their totes too. They are so big and cute! Here is a pic of the one I got. (I got the one to the far right called the charlotte)

I can't wait for it to get here so I can see it in person!

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