Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Toddler Activities?

So, its getting cooler out and I've been looking for fun things for the girls to do inside.

We have tried coloring here and there but Gillian is the only one who likes it. Finley just likes to eat the crayons.

They both love painting so I started filling a silicone muffin tin with washable finger paints, giving them each a brush and letting them go crazy in the tub. They love that. They paint the walls, themselves, each other and then after they help me wash it all off. Amazingly they love that part too. Then when were all done I do baths.

So what other activities does everyone else do with your 2 year olds? I need some ideas! I hate to say " I can't wait until their a little older so they can do more" because I really don't want to wish my kids older but I'm not going to lie I'm looking forward to the days when they can help me decorate cupcakes or do real crafts with me!

So ideas please!!!!

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Trish said...

Hey, my grandma sent the girls some "paint" that you use in the bathtub. It is in these little containers almost like roll on deodorant. And it smells nice too because it is technically bath wash I guess? Anyway, my girls love that...It is from Avon I believe! Coloring is hit or miss with us too...Camille loves it, Charlotte only so-so. We watch Disney movies when the weather is not nice enough to go outside, and lately they've been figuring out how to do puzzles, so that's good.

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