Wednesday, October 5, 2011

I admit, I have a favorite......

No I don't have a favorite child! I do love both my kids equally however, I do have a favorite to put to bed!

Finley refuses to sleep in her room so she goes to "her couch" and lays down and Gillian goes to her room.

Every night I tell the girls to say goodnight to each other and they give each other kisses and head off to their sleeping areas.

Gillian climbs into her bed like a good girl, puckers up and gives me a kiss. I tell her I love her, she reaches for another kiss. Then we say "night night", "night, night" a few times and then I say "Love you bean bean" and she says "Muv you momma".......

I close the door and can hear her blowing kisses to me and I blow them back, every once in a while she'll throw in a "night night" and I whisper it back. Back and forth we go for a couple of minutes until I realize I can't stand at her door all night and blow kisses to her. Trust me I would love to though.

Then I come out to Miss Finley and ask her if Mommy can have a night night kiss and she whines "Noooooo"......I kiss her forehead anyway and tell her I love her.

See the difference there? I understand at this stage in their lives Gillian is the more lovey affectionate one and Finley isn't, it just stinks I can't have two lovey dovey sweet babies!

Hopefully one day Finley will come around and give me my goodnight kiss!

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