Saturday, October 8, 2011

Camp closed!

Well we closed up our camper today, it was torture.

Nana stayed with the girls and babysat all day while Me, Gary and Sondra all went and closed up camp. I am glad to see it gone for the next 6 months but will miss it at the same time.

The girls had a great time there this year, they loved the lake, the bands at the beach, going out on the boat and mostly driving the golf cart around!

It was such a difference from last year where they did nothing but ride their walkers all over the deck. Next year I'm hoping we'll all be riding bikes around! How awesome would that be?!

Speaking of bikes Nana and Grandpa are getting the girls strider bikes for their birthday or Christmas this year and I'm psyched! I am really hoping they learn to ride them quickly and we'll be zooming around on them by the spring! We'll be practicing all winter in the house!

If you have no idea what a Strider bike is I suggest you google it, then youtube it and you can watch kids that are 2 riding this bike. Its amazing. Hoping for amazing bike riding next year!

In the meantime I am going to enjoy the fall and winter and am praying for a ton of snow again like last year!

Bring on the holiday's and cold weather! I'm excited for fleecy PJ's, Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, and pies!

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Mandy said...

Reallllly research them. We have one for the girls to share because I was hesitant. It ended up being far too tall for our tiny girls, even with the frame flipped. We have the Skuut. The girls still love it, but they won't be able to stand with it till spring at the earliest.

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