Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sleep......where are you?

I'm pretty sure I'm going to lose my mind.

For the past 3 months Finley has refused to fall asleep in her room. I'm still am not sure what happened to start this whole thing but I have a feeling it was because Gillian was climbing into bed with her while she was trying to fall asleep and it was ticking her off. She would start crying and throw Gillian's blanket out of her bed while pointing for her to go away but Gillian kept on persisting.

Then all hell broke lose and my normally easy to put asleep baby freaked! I mean freaked. She was so upset when we were putting her down I was scared!

So I started letting her fall asleep in the living room every night. After she passed out I would move her into her room all while praying my heart out I didn't wake up Gillian in the process.

Lately though Finley has been a button pusher and is getting up off her couch instead of sleeping and running around like a crazy girl. Then to make matters worse she gets up at 6:00 every freaking day and poor Gillian will sleep in until at least 8:00. So of course Finley is tormenting Gillian at 6 and getting her all worked up. Then I'm waking up to Gillian screaming her head off. Not how I want to start my mornings thank you very freaking much!

 Last week I had enough and took apart Finn's bed and moved it into the playroom. She obviously needs her own room. Her and Gillian are on two separate wave lengths in terms of sleeping and its killing me slowly.

So, now my playroom is gone, and Finn has her own room. The problem was getting her to sleep in it.

I was going to gradually try to move her in there. Don't ask me what my gradual plan was because honestly I have no idea but in my head I was going to be nice about it.

Then 3 nights ago after dealing with Finley staying up until 10:00-11:00 a couple nights in a row I had it. I threw up the gate (Gary still hasn't put the door back up) and chucked her in there. She cried, not hysterically but she wasn't happy, for about 30 minutes and then passed right out.

The next night she decided she wasn't going down without a good fight so she spent an hour yelling "Mama where are you" out the door towards the living room. Over and over and over again until she woke up Gillian from yelling it so loud and I was ready to strangle her!

Tonight was better. I'm not sure how long it took her to fall asleep because I actually went to my room and fell asleep for about 35 minutes but she only yelled "Mama where are you" once so that's a plus!

Gillian however got up again tonight and I'm hoping this isn't the new trend in the house for me to deal with.

On a bright note though Gary and I have slept until 8:20 every morning since separating them. I have no idea what time Finley is waking and I don't care, as long as she's playing quietly in her room and I don't have to listen to poor Gillian screaming at 6:00am every morning I'm one happy camper!

Now if I could get them to both go down without any drama or waking back up we'll be okay!

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Mandy said...

How long are they sleeping at nap? I found that once the girls went down to one nap a day they wanted to nap for hours and that pushed bed time later and later. I limited nap to two hours and they are back on a regular schedule. My Finn just isn't a sleeper?

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