Friday, October 7, 2011

And the award goes too.....

Gillian!!  For being the first of the family to get sick this year!

I hate when my babies are sick, its amazing to see how much different they act with every illness though. The older they get the more clingy they get when they are sick.

Last night poor Gillian was in bed with us because she was whiny and wouldn't sleep in her bed. I had no idea what her issue was but thought maybe it was her 2 year molars coming in and gave her some ibuprofen.

She was trying to fall asleep and I was rubbing her back, I kept falling asleep while doing it and she kept waking up saying "No momma, tickle back" and so I would keep rubbing until I fell asleep again. Every hour or so she would start whining and say "Momma....tickle. Tickle Momma" and grab my hand and pull it near her back or belly.

So I spent the whole night waking up every once in a while to rub my baby girls back so she could fall asleep......

When we all got up this morning the poor punkin had a runny nose. I'm sure she'll be back in my bed tonight and I'll be tickling her all night again.

And on a side note, I think its amazing that Gary can sleep in the same bed as us and never wake up to her whining. Is it just a Mom thing?

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