Thursday, October 13, 2011


I probably shouldn't post this because that's usually how I jinx myself but the girls are being awesome with each other lately! I mean awesome!

They went from attacking each other non stop, biting, pushing, hair pulling, and smacking to playing nicely with each other overnight. Its so strange.

They are even learning to share, that is huge. We do have a few things in the house that are "no shares", they are specifically that child's and they do not have to share it with their sister if they don't want to.

Both of them have their blanky's, Gillian has her wubbanub (or her mubby as she so affectionately calls it), Finley has her Pooh (that really isn't a pooh, its a green bear but she calls it Pooh), her puppy (a German shepherd beanie baby dog nana gave her) and most recently her sock monkey (which is a whole different post).

Both of the girls understand that they can't take these things and are pretty respectful of that. If Gillian finds Finn's monkey laying around she'll pick it up and bring it to her. And if Finley is looking for her blanket and finds Gillian's she'll give it to her. Its all very sweet to watch.

Tonight I had a glass of water and they both wanted to drink out of the cup, of course when one took a sip and I handed it to the other there was a freak out.

I explained they had to take turns and we went back and forth making a big deal about who's turn it was. After about a minute they had it and were gladly handing it back and forth to each other.

So my tip of the day is this: If your giving one child a drink, give them their sisters (or brothers) cup to give to their sibling too. If I give Finley a cracker I tell her to give one to Gillian also and when she does praise her for sharing, I've been doing it with both of the girls for months and months and I think its paying off! Now they will automatically give whatever they have 2 of to their sister. Except M&M's. I can't get either one of them to share their M&M's!

Heres to many more happy sharing days!


Mim said...

I wouldn't want to share my M+M's either.

Cottongirl7 said...

Ha! M and M's are pushing it for sharing. :) I have always done the "give one to your sister" thing too. Now if they get two of something they automaticaly give their sissy one. It's awesome. If for some reason I don't give them two, one of them says " What about Sissy's _______.?" There may be nothing sweeter to watch as a mommy than sharing without having to ask them! :)

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