Tuesday, October 4, 2011

To work or not to work......

That is the question.

Gary and I have been talking about me quitting my job and staying home with the girls. I know, they are 2, why would we make that decision now? Better late than never.

Gary has a job where he can do some OT and make up my pay, although I hate to have him work more so I can stay home. So this is my dilemma.

I miss my girls while I'm at work. I feel like I am constantly juggling my job,  the house and the girls and I hate that.

I've done all I can do to try to make it easier on myself too. I only work 4 days a week, 5 hours a day. Then I work at home at night after the girls go to bed.

My boss is pretty awesome, I'm payed well, and If I'm sick or one of the girls are sick I can work from home. Who could honestly ask for anything more from an employer?

I just can't get the idea of staying home with them out of my head. I want to go back to school too. I think a nursing career is in my future and taking classes while the girls are Pre K in a couple years sounds right up my ally.

I think I'm just scared of change, scared to make myself take that leap into something different.

Would I hate being home all day? Would I be bored? Will I get sick and tired of doing the cooking, cleaning and taking care of the kids day in and day out? Will Gary resent me? Will I resent him? All these questions......

If your a stay at home mom how do you like it? I always said it was never my thing. That's the reason I went back to work after the girls were born but now I may be having a change of heart.

Oh decisions, decisions.


Valerie said...

Could you try to take a Leave of Absence like for a month or two just to see how you like it? That way if you realize that you don't like it, you still have a job to go back to? For me, it never was a question. I've seriously had the worst full time jobs and I wouldn't wish them on anyone. Especially compared to staying at home with my 20m twin boys. Though it's getting definitely harder to keep up with them, I wouldn't change it. But that being said.. I wouldn't mind a week back at the job just to make me appreciate my time home with them a little more!!

Mandy said...

This is exactly where I am at! The hubs is pushing me to quit too. I have the same questions. I did receive some great advice from a dear, older, friend.

You have the rest of your life to work, the struggle will make you appreciate it all the more.

That being said, I still haven't quit. Everyday I get a little closer. Could you take a leave of absence? You need a good two weeks to really get a feel for it. Could you possibly use FMLA?

Trish said...

I definitely get your struggle and I hope you find something that works perfectly for you and your family! I work part time (9-1 M-F) and I really love it...a little adult time but still all afternoon/evening with the girls. I can see why you'd hesitate to give up such an accommodating job, though!! I think the comments about taking a leave of absence are a good one....or perhaps cutting your hours back even more (assuming your employer would go for it?) and being more part time and seeing how that goes first?

Tracy said...

I work part time and I have the best of both worlds. I work Mon - Wed having thurs through Sunday off. For me personally, I need that time away. I'd go insane otherwise!! I think it makes me a better mother. My kids are with my Mom & MIL when I work (or my DH if he's off that day) so I don't worry on that end as they're in great hands. I like the advice of a leave of absence too or cutting back another day and working 3 days a week.

Anonymous said...

i am a stay at home mom and LOVE it!!! technically i work one a day week but even just that one day a week somehow I still feel like i "miss" something when Im not there. I love my job too and hope to one day be able to go back but I have a wonderful employer who does allow me to stay on board with my limited hours.
It's NOT easy staying home, that I know for sure. You do need a good support system of fellow SAHM!! The key is keeping busy. Staying around the house day in and day out can be excrutiating. I live in a big city where we frequent amusement parks, zoos, parks,you name it. My twins are now 4 years old and my singleton 20months. Having an activity 2-3 times a week is HUGE. and then having one or two days around the house makes for a perfect balance.
This is just my experience. And since the school system will soon take ownership of our kids days I just feel so blessed to have this opportunity to spend so much of every day with them. Don't get me wrong, it's also crazy and you are going to have crazy days but they are only little once ;)
Wishing you the very best and I am sure that whatever decision you make will be the best!

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