Sunday, December 26, 2010

"Take care of your Dolly"

This morning I ran to the bathroom to tinkle. Of course Gillian followed close behind me (because privacy in the bathroom is a thing of the past) and she was holding her Madeline Doll hugging it while I was doing my tinkling business.

She was considering chucking poor Madeline in the tub so I said to her "No, No Gillian. Take care of your Dolly."

I got up, buttoned my pants and went to turn around and flush and poor Madeline was face down in the toilet!!!!

I screamed! Gillian was already laughing to herself running out of the bathroom. I ran out of the bathroom and yelled "OH NO, OH NO" to Gary. Like he was going to come save the poor drowning doll.

Not to worry though! Finley came walking out the bathroom holding a dripping wet pee soaked Madeline doll! Her hero!

Poor Dolly.....she got her first trip to the washing machine today and she isn't even a month old!

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