Sunday, December 26, 2010

The aftermath

Well Christmas is over!

My house is a MESS! I had to order one of those 12 bin organizers for the girls playroom today. They have way too many little things and to put them in a toy box makes it impossible to ever find them again. It can't come soon enough! The little people, the blocks, the books and shapes. They are enough to make me insane!

The girls did have a blast though! Finley was a pro at opening her presents, and Gillians, and whoever's else's may have been laying around!

The girls got tons of toys, books and some clothes.

We had our Taco dinner and they even loved the taco's!

Finley at Grammie and Grampies Party

Finn opening her present from cousin Kelly

She loves it!

Gillian opening her present

Finn helping Daddy open his present

Gillian and Grammie

Christmas morning

Go Gillian Go!

Gillian and Auntie Cheryl

Finn playing with her top

Cousin Stacey opening presents with Finn

She loved her weebles

Gillian and Stacey opening presents

Uncle Ben and Gillian cuddling

Uncle Ben and Uncle Jon's present......their huge, huge present.

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