Thursday, December 23, 2010

2 more sleeps!

Until Christmas!

Tonight was my parents annual Christmas party with the family. We had filet mignon, baked potato's and salad. It was delicious! Best of all I got to see all my family that I love so much!! And seriously, I love my family! I can honestly say I don't have a family member that I don't love! Now that's one kick ass crew if you ask me!

The present of the night was from cousin Kelly.  She made an awesome cookbook with my grandmothers favorite recipes in it! My grandmother can bake,  She will go down in history as the most awesome gramma who baked non stop for all her family. I am so excited to have some of her recipes that I can share with my girls. Don't worry Gram. Your mocha cake will live on forever!!! Kell also got the girls some tub toys. Those will be a big hit for bath time tomorrow!

Ironically I will love the toys while they are playing with them and curse them when I am trying to shower without breaking a leg!

So Christmas Eve is tomorrow. I need to finish wrapping presents and clean up the house. I'm going to try to tackle the playroom too and make room for some of the girls new gifts. Should be a interesting day tomorrow!

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