Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The death of a Christmas Tree

So we went and cut down our own tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, so a little over two weeks ago. It was the perfect tree.

Well, there was a huge debate over where to put it this year because of the girls. We ended up putting it in the corner of the living room next to the pellet stove (first mistake) and the heater (second mistake).

Yesterday while Finley was tugging on the garland (again) I heard needles dropping like crazy on the Christmas presents.

This morning we get up and Gary and I are looking at the tree and it looks horrible! All the needles were falling off, they were everywhere. We were both convinced it wasn't going to last another day! I don't know if we killed it because it was so close to the heat or what but the damn thing was dead!

So......we undecorated the damn thing, chucked it outside (in the back yard of course so the neighbors weren't talking about the crazy people who killed their tree 10 days before Christmas) and Gary headed out to the tree lot down the street to get us another tree. Yep, another flipping tree.

We put the lights back up and garland and I guess sometime before Christmas we will decorate it.

Here are some pics of the carnage

After pulling off the ornaments, lights and garland


Gillian decided to walk through them......

And didn't like it! (Don't worry no babies were harmed)

1 comment:

Mandy said...

Oh my look at her face!!

My tree nazi, I mean husband, would have totally forbid the purchasing of a tree so early, not allowed it to be anywhere near a heat source, and would have constantly watered it. There are soo many rules to his christmas tree it drives me nuts! I hope you didn't spend too much on the replacement. I hate buying a tree, that is going to die, and spending a fortune.

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