Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Helmet days

Finn's helmet days will be coming to an end soon!

She had her 3 month helmet appointment last week and they said she is making great progress. When she started out they gave her a number measuring the degree of deformity,  2 is considered normal......she was a 13 starting out.

Poor crooked headed kid.

At her last appointment she was down to a 6. After her next appt I am hoping she's down to the 4-5 range and then we have the option to call it quits or just have her wear it only at night for a while. We'll probably have her wear it at night but we'll see.

Either way, she looks a million times better than she did. I even have a hard time telling her and Gillian apart from the top now! Never thought that would happen!

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Cottongirl7 said...

Yay for the days of the helmet coming to an end. I'm sure it feels like forever. When Izzy came home she was on Oxygen for a few months. I swore it was never going to end. Manuvering a tiny infant with hoses and oxygen everywhere was draining to say the least. I'm sure she will be trilled to only have to wear it at night soon. Yay Finn.

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