Thursday, October 21, 2010


I have a million thoughts running through my head. I need to get them out before I explode!!

-First of all Halloween is coming. We are doing a party at the house, for the girls, not us. I think I need to get some decorations or something fun. The girls are going as lady bugs. I really wanted the poodle costumes but they didn't come back in stock in time and I got nervous that we would end up costume less at the end of the day.

-This means we NEED to get our basement cleaned out and in order this weekend. We really haven't used it or been down there in a year. Its a shame too, its so nice down there. We have the bar and the flat screen TV and dart board and poker table...oh wait that was my old life, we really need to kid friendly it now. I am thinking about taking out the poker table (don't tell Gary) and putting a few things of the girls down there with maybe a toy box or something for them. So much for the man room huh?

-I need to hire a housekeeper. Seriously, I need someone to come in just to get the tuna noodle casserole off my walls and tub. Everything we eat ends up being smeared all over the walls of my house. The girls are a wreck after dinner and I just let them lose and head right for the tub. Maybe I need to prewash them first?

-Work is going good with my 4 days weeks. I love it actually. Having a Wednesday off really breaks up the week and makes it more bearable!

-I am looking forward to winter. Snow mainly, BIG snowstorms actually! I love love love blizzards. I hope we have tons this year! I got the girls snowsuits yesterday, I hope they like the snow. We need sleds too......they will love sledding!

-The girls birthday is coming. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME I think about it I get choked up and start to cry. I don't know how I am going to make it through that day without looking like a nut job. I just love my girls so much, I love being a mom,  I can't believe that after everything I have been through I have two beautiful little girls. I honestly never thought I would end up with one baby, let alone two! I am really blessed. Really Really blessed.

-I need to go clothes shopping, and shoe shopping. For myself. Dreading it. I used to love shopping but now I just feel blah and frumpy and don't care anymore. I need to lose 15lbs, then maybe I would care?

-My mom had foot surgery a few weeks ago and I feel bad for her. It looks like it hurts...she can't drive her Jeep or go anywhere, must suck! Hopefully she gets the stitches out (and the pin in her toe out) soon so she can get on the road to recovery!

-Christmas. So much money to spend. I need to figure out what I am getting the girls. We did secret Santa's last year with my side of the family. It was great. We each picked a person and spent $100.00 on them. Then we did a grab bag gift for $25.00 and that was awesome too because we did the Chinese grab bag? Is that what they call it? You take numbers, and pick in that order and each person can steal someone else's gift. I got the last number so got to pick whatever I wanted! Watch, this year I will get #1. We also do Taco's every year for Christmas. Its tradition. When we were kids Dad asked us what we wanted for Christmas Dinner and we picked TACO's. It stuck. Christmas is not Christmas without Taco's. And on a side note, I picked dad last year to buy a gift for and if I get him again I will scream. He is so hard to buy for. I want my mom this year. She will be easy. Very very Easy.....

-Speaking of holidays. Its fun now that we are all adults with our own houses. We each take a holiday. I have Christmas (sorry, but am the only one with kids, so I win) Ben, Sondra and Jon (yes my brothers have a house together, they also own their own landscaping company together. They really are "buttbuddies") have Thanksgiving, and Mom and Dad have Christmas Eve dinner with the WHOLE family  (yum, can we say Filet Mignon!!)

-My cousin Kelly is getting married next year in Maine. Gary and I are thinking about renting a cottage there on the Ocean for the week before hand and staying until after her wedding. I love Maine, I was born there. I want to make that our yearly summer vacation with the girls. I have such fond memories of going there when we were all kids with Mom.

Okay, I think I feel better now. Phew. It was all eating me alive. Thinking too much about it all!

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alicia/brandon said...

wow! you really DID have all kinds of stuff floating around in your head. hehe! I have certainly been in your shoes. My best advice is DON'T sweat the small stuff. The girls are still young and everything you do is really more for you then them ;). I don't remember if I ever told you that we went through the same fertility issues. 3IUI's then got our girls on our first IVF attempt as well. It is an incredible blessing to go from "will we ever be able to have kids??" to three little miracles. From one twin mom to another keep things simple while they are young because as they grow up so quickly become quiet EXPENSIVE. My girls just hit the oh so expensive age of 3!! lol! they are no longer free most places. booo!! and who knows you may end up with your own additional miracle to add to the family :) No STRESS!! Enjoy each moment, milestone, and holiday! and HAVE FUN!!

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